ACC (Architectural Control Committee)
The Grand Harbor Property Owners Association (GHPOA), through its Board of Directors (BoD), has need for established Committees, which are essential, resident-staffed groups formed with specialized functionality and assigned duties directed toward the betterment of the Grand Harbor Subdivision. In that context, the “Architectural Control Committee” (ACC), perhaps the oldest and most important of committees, is tasked to oversee all “Architectural Improvements” to properties within the Grand Harbor/Harbor Side Subdivision. The ACC performs its duties and responsibilities as they are delineated in the official “Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions of Grand Harbor,” (CCR) for all Subdivision’s Sections.
ACC members are local residents who volunteer to serve without compensation. In order to continuously function, the committee is usually comprised of not less than three (3), or more than five (5), members all of whom currently hold GH/HS property and are in good standing with the GHPOA. The conduct of ACC business is in a defined, organized fashion, wherein properly submitted, property-owner applications for improvement are promptly dispositioned by ACC majority votes that are duly recorded and reported out of the Committee. Timely written notification to the applicants, on the status of their improvement requests, is an essential attribute for a well-functioning ACC.
All Architectural Improvements fall within one of three classes:
1) New Home Construction (NH) - Download Application

2) Boat Slip/Bulkhead Improvements (BS/BH) - Download Application
3) Other Improvements (OI) (Multiple Types) - Download Application    
DEADLINE: Applications must be submitted by 4PM on the Tuesday before the scheduled ACC meeting.
All completed improvement applications, or general questions about the ACC process, be it technical or financial, should be directed to:
Grand Harbor POA
18956 Freeport Drive
Montgomery, TX 77356
(936) 582-1054